Rhonda McLarenRhonda McLaren

Director and Founder







Ask Rhonda why she loves her work and she'll tell you every time, "it's solving problems and helping my clients". Ask her why she established Proof Research and she'd equally tell you she wanted to create a market research company that not only delivered high quality research but where the professionals you work with are genuine, practical and passionate about what they do.

With over 25 years' experience in the market research industry and as a Qualified Practicing Market Researcher (QPMR), Rhonda has worked across almost all industries and completed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies. Rhonda focuses her energy on designing research programs that specifically support you to make informed strategic decisions, measure performance or understand your stakeholders better - friend or foe.

Rhonda has a meticulous eye for detail (otherwise known as a perfectionist) and a reputation for delivering findings that are as valuable to an organisation as they are insightful. She has a flair for business-to-business research and is incredibly passionate about the work she does in the social research arena where she has conducted many studies on sensitive issues with hard-to-reach audiences.

Rhonda is a skilled moderator who has conducted over 500 focus groups and in-depth interviews with community members and businesses alike. Rhonda is also a full member of AMSRS (The Australian Market & Social Research Society) and the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association).

 Rhonda's areas of expertise include:


When not immersed in data and transcripts or meeting with clients, you’ll find Rhonda running around with her four gorgeous daughters, each with different personalities, activities and schedules.  No wonder she’s so good at juggling projects and deadlines!