Debra HaszardDebra HaszarD

Research Manager







Debra has been involved in the market and social research industry for over 20 years across three different countries - Australia, UK and New Zealand.  This has provided her with many opportunities to work with clients across a variety of industries and to experience a range of different types of research.  It is this kind of variety which makes her job so interesting.

Debra is adept at managing research programs, be they small and straight forward or large and complex in nature.  Being able to help her clients in their quest to better understand their customers’ or communities’ needs, drive behaviour change, evaluate business performance or deliver business improvement/growth is what makes her job rewarding. 

Debra’s areas of expertise cover both quantitative and qualitative research across the following areas:

Debra is a stickler for quality and getting things right.  She is a full member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and has previously held quality assurance and privacy officer roles.

Outside of working hours you’re likely to find Debra in the great outdoors, usually with her two dogs alongside, or following one of her many sporting interests.